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How many silicone products are there in our daily lives

When it comes to silicone, most people may just shake their heads and ask in confusion, what is it? Everyone thinks that silica gel is very far away from us. When we mention this word, it is full of strangeness. In fact, silica gel is full of every corner of our lives. They think that silica gel is on the horizon. In fact, silica gel is right in front of us. Silica gel is widely used.
First of all, in daily life, most of the silicone insulation mats in the kitchen are made of silicone. Compared with other mats, silicone mats have the advantages of heat insulation and anti-slip, and they are widely used in kitchens and baking utensils. Friends who like to bake cakes and make biscuits will definitely find that cake molds and biscuit molds are basically made of silicone, and these food molds are non-toxic and odorless. They are soft, strong, easy to clean, and very durable.
Secondly, we who are often in contact with mobile phones are also easy to overlook a common silicone products-silicone mobile phone cases, mobile phone cases. As the outer armor to protect the mobile phone, the silicone protective cover isolates the dust from the outside and can effectively slow down the impact when it is dropped. Moreover, the material of the silicone protective cover is soft and transparent, not easy to deform, and will not affect the operation of the machine. People who use the silicone protective cover give a reliable impression. The shells of electronic products such as mobile phones, cameras, and iPads can all be made of silica gel.
Friends with children at home may be familiar with silicone products. Children’s toys are often made of silicone. Compared with other plastic materials, silicone is more environmentally friendly and has no harmful effects on the child’s body. It is used as a toy for playing house wine and squeezing to reduce pressure. Tricky toys are all made of silica gel. They do not affect their use in high temperature or humid environments. They are a widely used material in the toy industry, and there is a special silicone product-silicone children's products.
The luggage tags on the suitcase, the popular smart bracelets, the rubber bands that tie your hair, the small silicone wallets for change, etc., are easily overlooked but inseparable items in daily life, all of which are silicone figures, home decoration materials , Lighting supplies and the medical industry can see the existence of silica gel everywhere, silica gel is not easy to deform, waterproof, moisture-proof and high-temperature, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, it is a material with broad development prospects.

It can be seen from these small aspects that silicone products are very close to our daily lives, so there are quite a lot of other silicone products in our lives that we need to slowly understand and experience, of which you will definitely find more What a practical and beautiful silicone product!