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Silica gel pet products


The development history of silicone pet products is not long, just a few years, but these short years like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like growth, now there are a lot of silicone pet products on the market, so do you know what are?What are the names of these products and what do they do?Today, we will explain what are the silicone pet products and the role of their products!

Silicone Pet Frisbee: If you've ever had a large pet dog, especially an active dog, you'll be familiar with this one. This is a Frisbee for your dog.I like playing this product very much. Its function is that people throw the Frisbee into the sky, and the pet dog bites and grabs it before it lands.



Silica gel pet foot washer:The appearance of this product is not long, but because its design principle is suitable for many pets, such as common pet cats, pet dogs, etc., the function of this product can be understood from the literal meaning, its purpose is to facilitate the pet's feet to wash when they come home after going out.So as not to bring back from the outside of the dust and other dirty house.



Silicone pet grooming device: Still worried about pet hair shedding?Most pets have thick hair, and there is the problem of hair loss.Instead of cleaning the house all the time, the pet can be groomed in advance when grooming each day.