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Can babies use silicone bottles


Normal when the baby grows to 6 months later, the mother will give the baby to add complementary food or drink milk, in order to meet the nutritional elements needed for the growth of the baby's body, and basically no nutrition after 6 months of breast milk, at this time the mother should give the baby weaned.Drinking milk needs to choose safe and healthy milk bottles, so babies can use silicone milk bottles?



To accompany baby after weaning, cannot leave the bottle, your baby's bottle material generally have glass, plastic, silicone, though the glass with the baby's body is better, but consider the glass bottle is easy to break and plastic for the baby's body is not very good, so it's best to choose silicone bottle, not easy to break and durable, harmless to human body, safety performance is good,Mothers can choose silicone bottles for their babies.



All items used by the baby, such as: towels, washbasins, cups, bottles and so on, the mother should choose the baby's body harmless, safe performance is good.