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Production Process of Mixed Rubber

1, adjust the wheelbase: The first step of rubber mixing is to adjust the wheelbase of the rubber mixing machine to the high spacing. Because the solid rubber raw material just put in is massive and the thickness is relatively high, the wheelbase of the roller is added to more than 10mm to ensure that the silica gel material can be dispersed. The wheelbase is gradually reduced when the rubber material reaches a certain temperature and the material is dispersed in the early mixing. The material and vulcanizing agent and color glue are fully integrated after the adjustment to the wheelbase of the roll

2. Material turning: Material refining process is the important process, need to be in the process of machining a roll of material mixing repeatedly 20 to 30 minutes to complete the material mixing evenly, ensure the follow-up of silica gel products production and processing have no flow marks and the quality problems, of which more important still is the control problem in the process of operation, as a result of the limitation of mixing machine width, To produce a good roll of material requires steady arms and delicate technique.

3, add color glue and vulcanizing agent: At the time of material mixing evenly to join vulcanizing agent and color glue, according to the proportion of the weight of the material to add, or material may appear off color and the phenomenon of sulfide are not ripe, two can add at the same time, but in the join vulcanizing agent needs to control its scroll, can't forget in the middle of the rubber otherwise there will be a static or even the phenomenon of flame, In addition, many customers will add some quantum points or other substances in the silica gel products, there are different powder and water and paste.

4, roll out: The roller is a silicone products manufacturer is one of the main steps, products out of the rubber roller about subsequent rubber cutting density and weight proportion in the production of products, the adoption of separate blades cut below the roller is broken ends, and the weight of the rubber is not light, so in the process of winding must be one-time after collect, if the operator's hand in the process of winding insufficient materials offset or fall, It would have to start all over again, and the rolled tape would be unusable.