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  • The company occupies more than 2,000 square meters. There are 6 200-ton vulcanizing machines, 2 250-ton vacuum machines, and 2 300-ton large straight-air machines to meet the production needs of different similar products.


  • 1. Pet products category pet products. Including toys, pet clothes, food bowls, drinking fountains, nests, mats, cages, etc.


  • Silica gel is a substance whose main component is silicon dioxide. It has a soft texture, good stability, adsorption, and is not easy to burn. In our lives, different kinds of silica gel can be used to make artificial mandibles, auricles, and nasal prostheses, or to make adhesives for refractory materials, or to prevent moisture and rust.


  • High-quality silicone gift wholesale manufacturers introduce silicone gifts.


  • When it comes to silicone, most people may just shake their heads and ask in confusion, what is it? Everyone thinks that silica gel is very far away from us. When we mention this word, it is full of strangeness. In fact, silica gel is full of every corner of our lives. They think that silica gel is on the horizon. In fact, silica gel is right in front of us. Silica gel is widely used.


  • First of all, the chemical composition and physical structure of "silica gel" is a material that is very consistent with the research and development of some daily necessities. Because of this, it also determines the difference from its material. The performance characteristics of silica gel products are high adsorption, good thermal stability, and chemical stability;