Our Service

IQC: It is our aim to control the quality of products from the source, to ensure that the materials of each product are top quality.

QE-IPQC: The whole process from design to sample and production is tracked. In the early stage, engineers will check related quality requirements in advance. 

After passing QE, it means that production is tracking the production process with IPQC to prevent problems from being discovered in advance and solving problems.

FQC: After the production process is monitored, the quality inspection will be carried out at the time, to achieve the "survival of the fittest", so that each product meets the relevant quality requirements such as color, hardness, and size.

OQC: In the process of packaging, boxing, loading, etc., check again whether there are any missing points in the product to prevent the occurrence of "fish slipping through the net".

All products of our factory will be inspected layer by layer before shipment, so that +1 after meeting the quality requirements of customers is our own requirement! Every exaggeration of guests is our pursuit, and quality issues are the primary concept for survival and development in this highly competitive era!